After graduating with a degree in fashion design, Ana Wang started her multidisciplinary career working in lingerie, bridal and then childrenswear. As the world shifted from being centered around the physical to a digital reality, she went on to work in content and new media to move ideas forward and build mainstream appeal in the fields of sustainability, entrepreneurship and education, independently as a blogger and publisher as well as at companies such as Shopify and SuperHi. Through her move from apparel design and production to building and marketing for direct-to-consumer brands and retail startups, and then working for technology companies, she has continued to play with systems, the methodology of transformation and the management of knowledge across fields.

Ana's work and voice has previously been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post, Forbes, Shopify and the Evernote blog. Her writing has gained her a (fleeting) accolade as a Top Writer on Medium and has been shared (also fleetingly) by AIGA.

Currently, Ana is exploring the intersection of transformation, technology and fashion, while playing with new ways to deliver information, experience and change through content and AR/VR. She's working on some projects, so stay tuned!

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🕯 Stardust, Collection v1

2020, the year where many of us discovered new hobbies...myself, included. I've been a digital creator for two decades now and have yearned to find something to ground me in a more tangible and physical reality through the senses. During the pandemic, when every day felt like an endless onslaught of screentime, I started experimenting with fragrance and candles. The combination of art and science, of intuition and methodology, became an act of self care and creative escape. After months of testing, I released 2 scents: Sunny Side Up, and Moonshot, which will be available for purchase soon, with a portion of the cost of each candle going to support technology and reading initiatives for children. Made with: Soy/coconut wax.

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🍞 Bread

Bread is a newsletter about creative breadth, each one an essay about a specific influence spanning fashion, technology, business, science, and culture. I started this project in 2020 as a creative exercise to try to write more of what I wanted to read myself: introspective, (hopefully) entertaining, long-form content that combines fragments of narrative nonfiction with research and education. Unlike many of my other projects, this one is more personal; as I felt like I was at a crossroads in my career, it was meant to be an ongoing journey into learning more about myself and what influences me as a multidisciplinary creative, like a mood board in writing. I made it public because a) it forced me to write and research better, as that was one of my goals and b) I think it's a worthwhile exercise for anyone to examine what influences them, as a way to reflect on values and direction. We are what we eat, see, experience, hate, love, etc. Below are some of my favorite issues so far. Made with: Substack, Figma.

Personal site

Made with: HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Personal site

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Marketplace + Community

I was the lead operator at a small startup from 2013-2015 focused on celebrating independent retail and providing convenient, digital-driven ways for designers/brands and boutiques to connect without sales agents. I developed growth strategies and initiatives including #worldsbiggestshophop and interviewing over 500 of the most important and acclaimed boutique owners in North America, implementing a city-by-city rollout strategy. The startup was profitable within 2 weeks of launch. Made with: Wordpress, Google Sheets.

Wang Works Minimalist Flair
Ecommerce + Apparel

In 2011, I started a small fashion label focused on exploring essentiality in clothing as a concept, beyond basics. The line was featured in various media online and in print.

"The result is a classic, fitted button-down that looks great tucked, untucked, and even tied up in the front. The well-executed basic led to a couple more pieces, and by March of this year, she had her first capsule collection, which included a belt-optional mini with loose three-quarter cuffed sleeves. This understated chic design turned out to be a favourite among customers. So naturally when Wang launched her silk collection, she included the Parker Silk Shirtdress, which is essentially the same design in a different fabric and comes in five colours: black, bone, petal, evergreen, and a gorgeous eye-popping fuchsia.

Another understated highlight from this collection—which she sells exclusively through her website—is her machine-washable, super-simple, slightly flared silk tank that skims the body in a loose, unassuming way—again, fresh and modern, but trend-proof." -Georgia Straight

🌀 Untitled

I'm in the early stages of building a new project and business operating at the intersection of fashion, media, education and systems thinking.

Coming May 2021

PTL (petal, essentially) has been a work-in-progress for almost a decade. As a side project aficiando and insatiable creative, I've used PTL as the banner for multiple projects and retail products I've created over the years, including a vintage loungewear shop in 2018 and a beauty oil shop in 2016. In 2021, I rebuilt the store from scratch on Shopify after learning to code. This will be an online store to act as the space for all my retail projects and ecommerce experiments going forward. Made with: Shopify, Liquid, HTML/CSS, Javascript.

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🙂 SuperHi
Content + Copy

I was the first ever Head of Content at SuperHi, a creative education company teaching design, code and project management online. As the startup was starting to move beyond its foundations as a code school, I helped to shape brand voice across the marketing site and various brand touchpoints (blog, student experience, internal onboarding, social media), and led our content marketing strategy, writing over 20 long-form posts and lead generation guides on soft skills, project management, design and careers to expand our student base, increase organic reach and cement SuperHi's value proposition in the increasingly competitive edtech space. The CEO of a competitor once reached out and called our blog the "best design content on the internet".

📠 Wonder Machine
Content Sharing Platform

Inspired by the dedicated communities built around user-submitted and voted discovery websites such as Reddit and Product Hunt, Wonder Machine was conceptualized as a media-agnostic, user-submitted discovery engine for things to read on the internet. Like many people, I'm a big consumer of content but have found myself disenchanted by most of it, addicted to rabbitholes that are neither inspiring, interesting or engaging. Wonder Machine focuses primarily on long form and interactive content and celebrates the creators and collaborators it takes to make outstanding content on the internet, from writers and designers to developers and data scientists. The website is built with a user signup and submission process with popularity aggregated based on unique user votes. Made with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails.

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Gender in top films, 2010-2019
Data Visualization

Made with: Google Sheets, Figma.

Incomplete + Archived
PTL Beauty
Ecommerce + Beauty

I started a beauty oil line and took it to market in two months, from concept to launch, as part of an internal employee business-building competition held by Shopify.

The Good Closet
Publishing + Ecommerce

The Good Closet (2012-2017) was an independent blog that grew into an ecommerce boutique featuring sustainable and eco designers. The concept focused on introducing a new brand or designer each week, featuring content related to their product and story as well as a collection of products available to purchase. The Good Closet was featured in multiple media outlets including Vogue in their 2017 Galentine's Day shopping feature.

Thesis + Values


When I entered the world of tech and startups, I found many things translated over from the world of fashion: though the pursuit of growth, capital, customer acquisition and "changing the world" created high targets and sky high dreams, tech too was often stuck in a rut of sameness, noise and knockoffs, the game being won by whoever has the most money and best connections, or made enough noise to get the most money and best connections. In the post-industrial age, nothing is won through output alone. Technology and fashion, and even more importantly, people, have an undercurrent of change, and all change requires imagination to lay the groundwork for future possibility.


After imagination comes transformation, the practical application and process of change. My work often involves helping people see past what is only perception and not the absolute truth to enable all kinds of transformation, from the aesthetic to operational processes. As a systems thinker and a creative, I use my toolbelt of both methodology and intuition from years of observing both the macro and micro forces that shape our lives and the world, in art, business and psychology. And then as a builder, I make it happen or create tools and content to help others do it.


Imagination and transformation is for everyone, and I'm interested in helping people change their perceptions of what they can and can't do, what they feel like they should or shouldn't participate in. Through my career, I've had the privilege of working on global teams, and I've learned to actively challenge stereotypes, avoid assumptions, cultivate empathy for others and oneself through leadership and art. I seek divergence not only geographically and demographically but through a study of diverse cultures, subcultures, stereotypes and biases to get comfortable with and normalize diversity not through assimilation but through true inclusion.


So many of us hold onto permanence, on "forever" as an indicator of success, but things like virality, trend, nature, even the human affliction of mood are sometimes where the most beautiful things come from. So are the moments we chase, the memories we treasure, the way our bodies and along with that, our minds, are just made up of the stardust from one big bang. This concept tends to come up a lot for me, but and it was something that can feel uncomfortable to put on a pedestal when shallow, short, temporary often equates to frivolous or even false. But I think that impact can be a series of (even forgotten) things, you can change your mind and your mood, and life is best run on both the shallow and the deep end.

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